Escalating Profs

About the Game

Escalating Profs is a cardgame in which your aim is to become the greatest scientiest in the world. Use insane experiments, ingenious ideas and shady sabatoga-tacticts to show everybody that you're the mastermind on the table!


Why we made this Game?

We made this game, because we love to meet our friends and family and have the best time together. we decided to create a game that can be played with every kind of person and in every situation. We also wanted to combine the new technologies of our generation with card games. So as time goes by and after a lots of lecture in the University we decided to create Escalating Profs. In the beginning it had many different names and game mechanics. From the start with self-designed and self-drawn cards and problems to find a silent spot at the University, to this almost perfect game it was a long way to go. Big thanks to all people along our way who helped in every possible way.


During our time as students we met many different professors, that’s the reason why we decided to create a game based on them. We’re sure everyone met an „weird Prof“ in his lifetime. This is a tribute to their strange lessons which seemed like failed experiments.

Why escalating? - you will see as soon as you play the game

How to play

Technology is the scientiest's best friend, right? Therefore, we've developed an app which you can combine with the physical cards to make theme even stronger!


Shuffle the deck and place it in the middle of the table. Every Player draws 7 handcards. Afterwards, everybody have to put 3 cards from the deck face down in front of her/him. These three cards represent the reputation of a player!


  • Age: 12+
  • 2–7 Players
  • Playtime 20–50 min

Once per turn

You can choose one card from your hand and put it face down to your reputation.

Goal of the game

Goal of the Game

If you increase your reputation to 10, you are the winner! Drops your reputation to 0, you must clear the table.

Goal of the game

If your are the last 'Prof' standing, you're also the Winner!

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Active Campaigns

Right now, this is our first Kickstarter Project. A card game with a digital component, so you can enjoy playing cards right next to each other but also have the advcantages of a big variety of random interactions and different playing modes. These game modes require physical activities, smart thinking or just pure luck. So, the game never gets boring. If this project is well received, we are going to continue developing new games as well as provide various expansions for alredy finished ones.

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